At Advanced Endodontics of Westchester, our team strives to provide better patient care with the intention that it will create better treatment results. Because of this, Drs. Kolnick, Diamond, Hope, and Svetcov stay current with the latest technological advancements, implementing new and proven techniques into their services. Included in this is our endodontic instrumentation and irrigation equipment.

dental technologyNot only can you count on the expertise and skill set of our endodontists, but you can also count on our high-end technology. Used in conjunction with thought-out and precise techniques, our endodontic instrumentation and irrigation is second to none.

While many different irrigation techniques have emerged over the last decade, one technique has emerged as the most effective and safest of them all – EndoVac Apical Negative Pressure Irrigation.

The EndoVac was designed to pull irrigant down into the root canal and then up and away into a Hi-Vac suction unit. This process is called “negative apical pressure” because EndoVac applies suction rather than forceful positive pressure into the root canal. This approach allows us to consistently deliver a high level of endodontic care in White Plains and Mt. Kisco, NY to each of our patients.


Traditional Root Canal Irrigation Method vs. New Technology

Traditional endodontic irrigation involves the use of a syringe filled with sodium hypochlorite that is carefully put into the root canal and then injected using positive pressure. However, the method is not without drawbacks and there are no current positive pressure application techniques that are deemed completely dependable for safety and results.

EndoVac in White Plains and Mt. Kisco, NY now circulates sodium hypochlorite using apical negative pressure to safely pull irrigant deep into the canal without the risk of accidents. EndoVac allows our doctors to successfully disinfect the entire root canal system so pain-inducing bacteria are destroyed more quickly and effectively than traditional methods. As a result, patients experience much more comfortable and effective root canals without the danger of accidents or retreatment.

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