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We believe that laser-assisted root canal treatment is an important new innovation and have integrated lasers into all aspects of our care, including endodontic microsurgery Lasers can play a role in: diagnosis, access preparation, pulpotomy, uncovering calcified and hidden canals, surgery, canal cleaning, shaping and disinfection.

Some people believe that a tooth with an infected root canal should be extracted as it is impossible to sterilize an infected root canal. Use of the laser allows us to reach bacteria that have penetrated deep into the tooth structure (dentin). Recent studies using two different laser wavelengths have illustrated a 99.99% elimination of bacteria to a depth of 1,000 microns into the root canal walls.

Our practice is one of only a few endodontic practices in the country using laser-assisted root canal techniques and this has allowed us to treat teeth that many would have deemed hopeless.

We proudly utilize the WaterLase iPlus laser in our practice to treat a variety of endodontic conditions.

dental services

Uses of WaterLase in Endodontics:

We are able to use the WaterLase laser to treat a variety of endodontic conditions including:

  • Laser root canal disinfection after endodontic treatment
  • Tooth preparation to obtain access to the root canal
  • Root canal preparation
  • Root canal debridement and cleaning
  • Apicoectomy
  • Removal of pathological issues (ie: cysts, neoplasm, or abscess)

Some facts about the Waterlase Laser:

  • Active medium is erbium – emitting a beam of infrared energy at a wavelength of 2789nm
  • It utilizes HydroPhotonics technology (interaction of laser with water to produce energy) to cut soft and hard tissues
  • In dental hard tissue, photo-ablation occurs where water evaporates instantaneously thereby ablating the surrounding tissue with minimal thermal side effects

Radial Firing Tips – A Technological Advancement

  • Unique radial beam pattern that fires laterally from its tip and cannot fire directly into apex
  • Allows a more uniform coverage of the entire dentinal surface
  • Improved penetration of canal wall by laser energy

The most important application of the dental laser treatment in White Plains, NY and Mt. Kisco, NY is in root canal preparation, specifically: the removal of smear layer, tissue, debris and root canal disinfection.

dental services