We recognize that as parents you may have a difficult time finding endodontic care for your children as well as for patients with special needs. Drs. Kolnick, Diamond, Hope and Svetcov understand the concern you have for your child’s comfort and quality of care. For this reason, we recommend you visit Advanced Endodontics of Westchester in White Plains or Mount Kisco, NY, where our endodontists have specialized training in pediatric endodontics. Our endodontists and team are gentle, compassionate, and confident, working hard to create a calm and secure environment for children of all ages.

Most children respond very well using local anesthetics and laughing gas (nitrous oxide) during treatment. When needed, we also work with Board Certified anesthesiologists to provide outstanding sedation and general anesthesia in a safe and caring environment.


Each tooth is very important for your child’s oral health while they are growing. When dental pulp in a child’s developing tooth becomes inflamed, the problem can be addressed with apexogenesis. This procedure involves capping the inflamed pulp in order to preserve the vital pulp tissue and promote necessary root development. The soft tissues of the pulp are covered with medication, which encourages growth so that the root tip can close and the root canal walls can thicken. As the root matures and strengthens, the likelihood that the tooth can be saved increases. Our team may schedule follow-up appointments to ensure that your child’s treatment is providing the needed results.

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