Dr. Kolnick speaking to endodontists at a study clubJanuary is a special month that is full of new beginnings – not only for your health and body but also for your mind. In fact, January is known as National Mentoring Month, and this is an exciting time for professionals in endodontics. This is because Dr. Justin Kolnick and other endodontists gather together in an endodontic study club in Westchester County, NY to share and advance their knowledge of their profession.


What Is a Study Club?


A study club is a gathering of people (in this case, endodontic professionals) to listen to a lecture and discuss a certain topic with the goal of gaining knowledge and staying atop advancements in a particular subject or industry. Dr. Kolnick and his fellow endodontists discuss such topics as radial apical cleansing, restorative endodontics, and laser therapy treatments, among others.


How Does This Benefit Endodontics?


If you regularly visit your endodontist, you probably want to know that he or she is staying on top of the newest information in the industry. This better helps the endodontist know how to more effectively treat patients and get the desired results. This benefits endodontics because professionals are helping each other be the best they can be by sharing information and insight. Experienced endodontists are able to mentor and guide newer doctors in the field and build on their knowledge. It also benefits the patients because they can receive effective care from a professional who is actively advancing his or her knowledge of the endodontic industry.


How Can You Take Advantage of These Events?


Even you as a patient can take advantage of these events by discussing them with Dr. Kolnick at your next visit. Study clubs can occur throughout the year – the most recent one for endodontics was held in October 2018. Contact Advanced Endodontics of Westchester to schedule your visit with Drs. Kolnick, Diamond, Hope, or Svetcov and find out just how advantageous these study clubs are for professionals and patients alike.