Advances in oral health and care are nothing new, and the last few years have seen them coming fast and hard. That’s because the speed of technological innovation is picking up across the board, and it’s led to some great things, like patients who know they can count on a plethora of advanced endodontic options in White Plains, NY and Mt. Kisco, NY to meet their health needs. It’s rare, though, for any one of these new innovations to be truly groundbreaking in the way the Piezotome 2 is groundbreaking.


What Is The Piezotome?


It’s an upgrade from the original Piezotome ultrasonic generator, and it is built to work for pre-implant procedures and other surgeries used in advanced endodontics. This device produces minimal vibration and operates at frequencies that make it inaudible to patients, while leads to a more comfortable overall experience with shorter and simpler surgical recovery times. The Piezotome in White Plains, NY and Mt. Kisco, NY is used for a variety of procedures, too, including:


·         Pre-implant surgery for dental implant patients

·         Ridge expansions

·         Sinus lifts


The Piezotome’s groundbreaking low-vibration operation allows for minimal pain and the shortest recovery times of any advanced endodontic surgical processes available today. That makes it safer and easier to use with patients who have sensitive needs, on top of being much, much more comfortable.


Will The Piezotome Be Used in My Procedure?


If you are wondering whether the Piezotome 2 can make one of your upcoming procedures easier for you, talk to Dr. Kolnick, Dr. Diamond, Dr. Hope, and Dr. Svetcov about your needs. That’s the best way to learn more about any of the new advanced endodontics coming out, and the best way to find out more about what will happen when you come in for a procedure in general. Learn more about changes to aftercare and expected pain experiences by scheduling an appointment at Advanced Endodontics of Westchester for a consultation. Call us at (914) 750-4033 for our White Plains, NY office or (914) 750-4034 for our Mt. Kisco, NY office. Contact us today!