Have you been dealing with severe tooth pain? You might be putting off going to the dentist for fear you will learn you need a root canal. While this procedure makes most people cringe, it does not have to be a negative event in your life. If you find the right dental expert, like our endodontists in White Plains, NY and Mt. Kisco, NY, you can have a positive experience. In fact, getting your sore tooth looked at in a timely manner can save you the agony and improve your overall oral health.


Do Some Research


When you have to find a new doctor, you want to make sure you go to the right place the first time. This means you need to do a lot of research to make sure you find a reputable endodontic specialist. If you skimp on this step, you may need to redo the procedure down the road. What should you look for in an endodontist?


·         Find someone who has years of experience in the field. The more experienced an endodontist is the more likely he or she will know how to handle your unique case.

·         Look for positive reviews from real patients who have used the endodontic specialist. Make sure the doctor can get most treatments finished in a single session by reading through all of the available references.

·         Consider the impact a person has on his or her field, such as performing lectures or organizing conferences. This shows that the endodontist stays up-to-date and is well-respected by others in the profession.

·         Learn about the technology the doctor uses to perform the endodontic procedures. Newer technology can make treatments easier to do and more likely to be successful.


Finding an endodontist with an established practice, like the one we have, can help alleviate some of your fears tied to root canals in White Plains, NY and Mt Kisco, NY. When you know the doctor knows what to do, you can confidently get your toothache sorted out. Call us at (914) 750-4033 or schedule online in White Plains, NY or call (914) 750-4034 or schedule online in Mt. Kisco, NY today to learn more and make your first appointment.