When receiving a root canal treatment in Mt. Kisco, NY and White Plains, NY, new dental technologies can make a big difference. Advanced tools such as the ENDOVAC Irrigation System provide patients with a comfortable experience and reliable results. At Advanced Endodontics of Westchester, our team of dedicated endodontists use the latest methods to give you the best treatment possible.


What Is a Root Canal Treatment?


In the center of each tooth there is soft tissue called tooth pulp. This tissue extends from the crown of your tooth down through chambers called root canals. A root canal treatment is needed when tooth pulp becomes infected or inflamed.


Signs of needing a root canal treatment include:


· Persistent tooth pain

· Cracking or decay

· A swollen bump on the gum

· Sensitivity to heat and cold

· Worsening pain when lying down


To perform the root canal treatment, Drs. Kolnick, Diamond, Hope, and Chaudhry, your endodontists in Mt. Kisco, NY and White Plains, NY will gently and carefully drill into your tooth and remove the infected pulp. Once this narrow tunnel is created, an irrigation system, such as the ENDOVAC Irrigation System, is used to disinfect and clean the root canals. Finally, the tooth is sealed with a temporary filling until your ordinary dentist can reconstruct it.


Safe and Reliable Irrigation


Traditional irrigations use positive pressure to deliver the irrigating solution to the root canal. That is, they push the solution down into your tooth like a doctor pushes a vaccination out of a syringe.


The ENDOVAC Irrigation System works using a technique called Apical Negative Pressure. Rather than pushing solution in, the system uses suction to pull irrigant down to the tip of the canal, resulting in a comfortable and thorough disinfection. Safer and more effective than the traditional method, this system helps prevent accidents and deliver consistent results.


When planning a root canal treatment, it’s important to know your options. Using cutting-edge technology such as the ENDOVAC Irrigation System, Advanced Endodontics of Westchester provides safe, effective treatment. If you are suffering from chronic or intense tooth pain, call one of our offices at (914) 750-4034 in Mt. Kisco, NY or (914) 750-4034 in White Plains, NY. You can also request an appointment online. Don’t suffer another moment. Call today!