Many doctors and healthcare professionals refer their patients to us for endodontic care in White Plains and Mount Kisco, NY. Below are testimonials from some of our referring doctors. Call us and set up an appointment with one of our skilled endodontists today!

It is with pleasure that I bestow the highest testimonial I can muster to Drs. Kolnick, Diamond, and Hope. I am uniquely qualified to give a testimonial in two different ways. First, as a practicing dentist, I know from the quality of their work (exceptional!) and the testimonials from the patients I have sent that this office is one of the best endodontic offices I have ever seen. I have worked with all the doctors in that office, and I have seen them perform miracles that I know other endodontists could never do–miracles I myself never thought could be done. This office is at the forefront of new technologies and advancements–that is for sure. Second, I can say from personal experience that these doctors are exceptionally caring and make sure that patients understand everything…and the staff members go out of their way to ensure that patients are always comfortable and at ease. I came recently as an emergency patient with “jaw-breaking” pain and Dr. Hope saw to it that my pain was gone immediately–never to return. I had no discomfort during the procedure or after. The attentiveness of Dr. Hope and his staff was very comforting to me–because it is certainly not easy to sit in the dental chair–especially for a dentist! I hadn’t had dentistry in 45 years and I never in my life had experienced root canal treatment. This office makes root canal a snap! Advanced Endodontics of Westchester–doctors and staff–have my highest testimonial, deep admiration and my most enthusiastic recommendation. I am deeply appreciative and a huge fan! Thanks!
– Edward Feinberg, DMD (Scarsdale, NY)
I have learned to expand my horizons through your skill and knowledge. You have been there to take care of patients, which would not ordinarily be served by modern dentistry, with what you have been able to provide them. Thanks for your professional excellence and caring for many of my patients.
– Dr. S (Dental Specialist)
My impression of your office, after visiting it as a patient is that it epitomizes perfect professionalism. I felt it from the greeting when I entered to the time I left. In an organization, that indicates to me something that goes from the top – you – down. Your handling of my problem was unhurried, in depth and without a rush to a diagnosis. Best wishes
– Dr. R (Oral Surgeon)
The ability to observe on the TV screen the microsurgery that Dr. Kolnick performed on my patient was so exciting for a general practitioner. Dr. Kolnick is a true professional and he made it look so easy.
– Dr. N (General Dentist)
Having my staff aware of the tremendous benefit you provide and the quality of your patient care lends me much support when I make a referral.
– Dr. H (General Dentist)
You’re doing so many really cool things, and you have accomplished so much. You really should be congratulated on the great practice you have built.
– Dr. S (General Dentist)
Your professionalism and generosity are without equal. Thank you so much for making my first endodontic experience painless in every regard. I am looking forward to many more years of working together.
– Dr. S (General Dentist).
As one of my patients recently stated, “You are lucky to have such a fine group of endodontists to work with”. My patients travel 20 minutes to a half hour to see this group when there are endodontists across the street. There’s a reason!
– Dr. T (General Dentist)
If there were an A+ rating your practice would measure up. Your staff is wonderful and the doctors always accommodate our true emergencies.
– Dr. F (General Dentist)
Each of your outstanding endodontists provides my patients with gentle state-of-the-art endodontic care. I have never had a patient tell me that they were not treated with the most professional service. Many thanks to your entire staff- it’s a privilege to work with you.
– Dr. H (General Dentist).
Your practice is a role model for other specialists to use to conduct their practice. I always feel that my patients are in the best of hands. I also appreciate how you reach out to your referrers with lectures and treats.
– Dr. H (General Dentist)
A model practice both clinically and administratively.
– Dr. S (Dental Specialist)
Your practice has a deserved reputation of being the premiere endodontic practice in Westchester.
– Dr. F (General Dentist)
Advanced Endodontics is always my first choice when referring patients for endodontic treatment.
– Dr. D (General Dentist)
You are and always have been the most quality endodontic practice in our area. The whole office presents a professional, technologically advanced practice.
– Dr. P (Dental Specialist)
We only refer to your office for endodontics. You are at the top of your field and are always looking for advancements to better your service.
– Dr. K (General Dentist)